Székely Mikó Kollégium


From the 21st to the 22nd September, 2022, a preparatory meeting for the ERASMUS+ (KA120-SCH), CULTURAL MINORITIES, IDENTITY AND OPEN DATA, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION PROJECT took place between the representatives of the partner schools, during which the  „Székely Mikó” Kollégium had the guests of the Italian Istituto Tehnico ";Grazia Deledda"; ( , the IES LAUAIZETA IKASTOLA BHI, Basque Country ( and the LEMIN KOULUKESKUS, Finland

( school teachers and heads of institutions. The „Székely Mikó” Kollégium was represented by the teachers of the Hungarian Literature and Linguistics Department as well as the teachers of the Physics Department, in addition to the Management of the institution.

In addition to the professional, project preparation activities, the history and characteristics of the school were introduced during visits to classes and the school libraries, the school dance group presentations, as well as the cultural, artistic and historical landmarks of the Sepsiszentgyörgy.

At the meeting, we worked out the main activities and detailed objectives of the project. The aim of the project is to strengthen the sense of cultural minority identity in an innovative way, coordinated with the development of environmental and nature protection sensitivity and awareness. During the activities, the students of the partner schools can learn about the traditions and language characteristics of the Transylvanian Hungarian and Székely, the Basque, the Finnish and the Finnish Swedish, as well as the Italian and the Griko communities, as well as get involved through the Open Data platform of European environmental protection in data collection, data management and data analysis activities, with a particular focus on learning about and making known the environmental and the nature protection characteristics of local communities.

During the two-year project, approximately 100 students and 30 teachers will be involved in various activities.

Jánó Enikő, Hungarian Literature and Linguistics, as native language – English Literature and Linguistics as a foreign language teacher, Project coordinator in „Székely Mikó” Kollégium (Colegiul Național ”Székely Mikó”, Sepsiszentgyörgy – Sfăntu Gheorghe, Kovászna – Covasna County, Romania.

2022.október 03.

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