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Student life

Student Life

The community of Szekely Miko College consists not only of the students, but also the teachers, these being in a close relationship. In the school, the mentality of people is creative and always up to something new. There are numerous activities and organizations pupils can take part in.

The students committee has been part of the student life for a long time, which can be attended by anyone interested. The committee has the main role in organizing the events and is responsible for the good outcome of these. In the last few years, there have been activities such as guitar nights, charity events, Christmas tree decorations, movie nights and many mor.

The school radio has been functioning for the past 3 years and it was initiated by the students who made great effort in completing the project. There have been many creative modalities to raise money, such as selling cookies, tea and handicrafts. Since the functioning of the radio, the atmosphere of the breaks has become more cheerful and friendlier. Furthermore, the location of the radio became a place where new friendships are born.

Szekely Miko College also has a newspaper, called “Kavarkad”, which is also edited by the students of the school. It has a monthly appearance and it is cost-free. The content varies from month to month and it includes up to date news, creative writings of students and drawings.

Being a student in Szekely Miko College is never boring, helping people in being part of a community and encouraging creativity.  

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