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Twin schools

Twin Schools

Bilingual High School, Lendava

The Bilingual High School of Lendava is unique because students study here both in Slovenian and Hungarian, depending on their native language; they choose which one to be their first language. The bilingual education is not only available for students, but also for teachers. This type of education provides opportunity for further learning both in Slovenia and Hungary. In the 2008/09 school year, there were 317 students studying in 20 classes. The number of teachers was 42.

Technical School of Subotica

Along with courses held in the official language of the state, the school also offers the possibility of studying in Hungarian. The chemical orientation of the school’s education started in the year 1946 and lasted until the 60’s, when it operated as vocational school. In 1987 it became a high school again, offering both technical and vocational courses in the fields of chemistry and leather, textile and food industry. Since 1992 the school has been the property of the state.

Bibo Istvan school ,Kiskunhalas

The school has got 18 classrooms where 41 teachers educate 594 students. The school provides general and high level education and training. Located in the centre of Kiskunhalas the building boasts with a well- equipped gym and a large courtyard. Bibo Istvan’s school prepares pupils for high level learning. The institution aims to provide support in learning languages and improving personal skills and talent.

Csiha Gyozo School, Hajdunanas

Hajdunanas has always been an agricultural town, industrial activity began in the 19th century. The education of the students undergoes with the help of the town and the cruch. The institution has taken up Csiha’s name in 1991. Illyés Gyula Economic School is self-sustained in Budaörs with the ambition of providing appropriate circumstances for effective, successful and peaceful education, as well as for everything a comfortable, safety and healthy environment. It is an exam centre with the opportunity of gaining certification of EBCL and ECDL. Moreover intern- and extern- relations represent significant values, for instance we have connections between the Carpatian Cultures which includes Székely Mikó.

Leőwey Klára School,Pécs


The school with a great history is situated on of the most beautiful squares of Pécs, called Szent Isván. The schools predecessor in title was the Notre-Dame lady school, which was founded in 1907. It was secularized in 1948, in 1950 it took up the name of Leőwey Klára, the name of the illustrious woman figure of the 48/49 Hungarian Revolution. Today the Leőwey Klára School has more than 1200 students and 90 teachers and next to regular curriculum classes, since 1656 it has a German language division, and since 2002 a bilingual Hungarian-French one. The institution has an extended network of international connections, from which the Székely Mikó Kollégiums folkdance group and choir is truly an outstanding one. The schools pupils excel in many areas, year by year they reach good results in competitions and next to that the school has a colorful social life with many activities.


Fényi Gyula Jezsuita School, Miskolc, Hungary


It was founded in 1994. Its students are educated in a Jesuitic way in order to gain general knowledge as well as to acquire social skills. Their education concentrates on the students’ individual guiding, as they are preparing for the challenges of real life. The school provides wide range of leisure time activities and high level education.


The Hungarian Educational and Cultural Centre in Eszék, Croatia

The centre was founded in 1999 by Árpád Göncz, the Hungarian President and Zlatko Matesa, Croatian Prime Minister. Their main task is to educate Hungarian children in their mother tongue living in Croatia. The centre launched education on kindergarden and school level in 1999.


Other twinned schools of Szekely Miko Kollegium:


Hungarian-English School, Balatonalmadi, Hungary

Bethlen Gabor Hungarian College, Beregszasz, Ukraine

Hungarian College, Fulek, Slovakia





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