Szekely Miko College

School year

Structure of the school year

The school year begins around 15th September and finishes around 20th June.In the new school year there are two semesters with equal length. The teaching period consists of 36 weeks which means 176 days, except for the seniors who study only 33 weeks, while the 8th graders spend 35 weeks at the school. There is no teaching on the official bank holidays.

First semester

  • Teaching period: middle of September, Monday – end of December, Friday
  • Autumn brake for primary students: first week of November
  • Term paper’s deadline: end of December
  • Winter brake: before Christmas, first week of January
  • Brake between semesters: one week in the beginning of February


Second semester

  • Teaching period: after the brake in February, middle of April
  • “School in different way” week: beginning of April
  • Easter brake: middle of April
  • Term paper’s deadline: end of May
  • Teaching period: end of April – end of June
  • Beginning of the summer holiday: around 21st of June

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